Energy Education

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Background: In November of 2015, The School District of Philadelphia will be launching a student driven Energy Education program that focuses on behavior modification and operations management. The program will be implemented in every school over the next five years. Students will be assisting in the verification of “use detail information” (e.g. number of classrooms or computers) for use in EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool.

Idea: An app that would assist in data collection and building/room mapping for the energy education program and/or that would track a classrooms carbon footprints (in real time and over the year), so that best management practices could be recorded and shared with other schools. Students/occupants could enter room info, update the changing status of the room based on equipment usage, occupancy etc., link to their energy data leave notes in the app for when something was left on in other classrooms. The app could be used in a school or district-wide energy savers competition.